We’ve got some seasoned consignors who we call our “Merchandise Prep Gurus”. They have years
of experience consigning with TKK and they know just how to prepare, price and prep your items for maximum earnings. You can utilize their expertise and time and still earn money. There is a fee for their time and services, but if you just don’t have the time and still want to clear out the clutter and earn some
$$, this may be the perfect option for you.


Here’s How It Works: 

1.) Email us at thekidskloset@aol.com and request this service. Provide your Full Name, Address and Contact Phone Number. 

2.) We will assign a “Prep Guru” to you. They will contact you and arrange a date/time for drop off or pick up

of your items. 


NOTE: All clothing must be freshly washed and folded in bins or bags. All pieces/parts must be included with all items you are consigning. Items you provide to your Prep Guru must meet the quality guidelines. Please do not give them items that won’t be accepted into the event. 

3.) They will enter all your items, tag them and drop them off at the event.  

4.) If you are not choosing to donate unsold items, you will be responsible for picking up your unsold items at the end of the event.


Prep Gurus will get 30% of
your total sales plus a $30.00 Materials fee for cardstock, hangers, etc.


No Time To Prep, Tag and Drop Off?

We Can Help!