Helping the community is an important part of why THE KIDS KLOSET was started in the first place. One of the most wonderful aspects that come from this sale is our ability to help families in need in our community. Our wonderful consignors often choose
to donate some or all of their unsold items. This generosity allows us to help families in need that cannot afford some of the basic things for their children. In addition to donating to various local organizations, we partner with local charities, churches and organizations who provide us with information on families that could benefit from this program. We want our help to reach these families directly and provide them with items that can help make their life a little easier. Each organization provides us with a list of what the family needs and at the end of each sale, our staff puts care packages together for each family, making special efforts to package and prepare the items in such a way that the recipients truly feel special. Seeing the smiles on the children's faces when they get toys or books or games is priceless....seeing the relief in a mother's eyes when she sees that she now has clothing for her children for the upcoming season is beyond words.

Many of these organizations and families have written to thank us:

Dear Kids Kloset, 

My church delivered your very generous gift today. I really do not know
how to thank you enough. Everything was so beautifully wrapped and my
kids were so excited to open everything. The coats fit my boys perfectly
and are their right size. They look like they are brand new. My girls
(Kara 5 and Lisa 7) went crazy over the holiday dresses. They have never
had anything so pretty and they tried them on immediately.  Plus, the
gloves, hats and scarfs and other items are much needed for the winter
ahead. It has been a very difficult year with my husband's passing and
my income is just enough to barely keep the roof over our head. I pray
daily for strength as my children need me to be strong. But sometimes,
it is very hard to be positive. You have made my children smile and you
have relieved some of my stress as well with your generosity. Thank you
so much for your kindness and caring for a perfect stranger. As soon as I
can, I will pay this forward. God Bless you. 

Mrs. "W" 

Follow Up from Mrs. "W":

I hope you don't mind, I asked my pastor for your name so I could
address you personally. I wrote you back in October thanking you for
providing things my family needed. I just had to contact you again to
tell you about our families experience at church on Christmas Eve. My
children were so excited to get dressed for church. I have to tell you,
they looked adorable and everything they wore, head to toe was from you.
Before, during and after the service, everyone was complimenting them
on how handsome and beautiful they looked and they were beaming. My
girls felt like princesses in their fancy dresses and my boys in their
dress pants and dress shirts felt very grown up. They felt very good
about themselves that they had something special to wear and I never
would have been able to get that for them myself. I just wanted you to
know that you made a difference. Thank you again and god bless. 
Mrs. "W"
FROM:  Gerald J. Ryan Outreach Center of Wyandanch
Dear Kids Kloset:
The Gerald J. Ryan Outreach Center provides emergency services to help
people in the Wyandanch, Wheatley Heights, West and North Babylon. The
Outreach extends a sincere thank you for your donation of children's
shoes, clothing and maternity wear. Your donation will allow families to
provide the very basic needs to their children when expenses for food
and rent leave them with less money to spend on clothing. 
We are very dependent on volunteers, donations and generous community
organizations like yours. Your donation helps us to provide dignified
services to cover 1100 people each month with food, clothing and numerous
counseling services. 

Your advice to organize the clothing room by color makes sense and will
be used to improve our services. I welcome your help and future advice.
Thank you form the many women, and children that were helped by your
Noelle C.
 Kids Kloset,
I am just going through the items that you organized to help children, I know, in need.
Your companies generosity supersedes any thing I have ever imagined.
You and the kind donators, will be helping out a dozen little boys and girls.
As well, one very happy little dog, with the Harley stuffed animal.
I could not have made this happen without your help.
Thank you for all of the clothing, toys, books, videos, and stuffed animal.
Dreams happen through warmth and imagination, this all provided by Kids Kloset.
Thank you for wonderful communication and personally meeting with me for pick up.
We wish for you and your family health and good things through your kindness.
May it some full circle for all of you.
Christine S.
Social Worker
Dear Staff at The Kids Kloset:
It is with great appreciation that I write this letter to thank you for
all the wonderful toys, books, clothing and baby equipment that you so
kindly donated. In our community, there are hundreds of families hit
hard by the current economic conditions. These are hard-working, loving
families that only want to provide the best for their children. We have
seen a tremendous increase in the community need and more then ever
families need our help. We are amazed at the quality of the items you
have so kindly donated and with this kind donation, we will be able to
assist so many more families this year than we ever thought we could.
Not only did you donate such wonderful things, but the manner in which
they were presented to us was like nothing we have received before. Our
volunteers were amazed that everything was sorted by boy/girl and also
size and I guess you would say category (all the fancy dresses together,
the bathing suits together) and toys and books boxed by the appropriate
age group. It really was a very nice surprise. You made it so easy for
us to get these things into the hands of those that need them quickly. 

Thank you again for your kindness. It was a pleasure speaking with you
and learning about what you do and please thank your donators for us. We
appreciate their kindness in measures beyond what we could ever

God Bless
Pastor John S.