* Our in-person sales will be following the NYS Dept. of Health guidelines for Retail Stores as well as the requirements of the on-site venues we rent from. This include but are not limited to:

1.) Masks or face coverings are voluntary. Sanitizer will be available at the facility. We will encourage shoppers to use these frequently. 

2.) Anyone exhibiting symptoms of illness will not be permitted to enter. By entering the facility, you are maintaining that you (a) Have not had any Covid-19 symptoms in the past 14 days (b) You have not had a Covid-19 positive test results in the past 14 days and/or (c) you have not had close contact with confirmed or suspected Covid-19 case in the past 14 days. 


3.) All credit card machines and tables will be sanitized after each customer. 

4.) All touch points will be sanitized periodically and in accordance with NYS DOH recommendations. 

All staff will be health assessed prior to their shift. 

Your cooperation in helping us make this a safe shopping experience is appreciated.