* How often can I sell?

Our events take place 6x a year with some online sales and some in person (Sept/Oct/Nov/March/May/July).  You can sell in as many events as you like

* What can I sell?

Pretty much everything for kids. Clothing, Toys, Shoes, Accessories, Baby Equipment, Outdoor items, Shoes, DVDs, Nursery Items, Feeding, Safety Items, Bedding, Furniture, Room Decor. YOu can also sell women's, mens and home goods

*Is there a fee to sell?

There is a $15 registration fee for in person sales and $7 for online sales

*Do you have to be there to sell your things?

No you do not. You just need to drop them off. If you do want to sign up for some workshifts, you can and you will earn a higher percentage of your total sales if you do. It's not required to participate, but a bonus if you want a bigger check.

*Is it hard to do? I don't have much time with little kids at home?

The beauty of this is you do it on your time. It involves no one else but you. You can fit in 15 minutes here or there and before you know it, your done.

*What does it mean to tag my items?

Once you register, you simply go into our online system and enter your items you want to sell. NO pictures needed. Just a simple drop down menu of selections, your price, (size if clothing) and your done. Click a button called "print tags" and the system will print out the barcoded tags for you.

*How do I know what to price things at?

We provide you with a pricing guideline document set up alphabetical by item type. These are our tried and true pricing that sells items fast and gets consignors the biggest check.

* What if I need help with pricing or have a question?

We are always available to help you out. You can text anytime for a super quick answer (631) 838-7914.  And, once you register, we give you access to a PRIVATE Facebook Group just for consignors. There you will find hundreds of other moms who have consigned with us who are always happy to answer any questions. It's truly a community of like-minded moms that want to see you succeed in consigning as well.

If we didn't cover a question you have, remember, you can email us at thekidskloset@gmail.com or

text to 631-838-7914

 Do You have SO much stuff and you just want it gone?

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? THESE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS MAY HELP. IF NOT, FEEL FREE TO EMAIL US AT thekidskloset@gmail.com or you can shoot a text message to 631-838-7914

So what makes consigning at The Kids Kloset events worth it?



AN AVERAGE OF $400 - $500

in just 3 days and some even make

4 figures!

1.) Sign up to sell online and then tag your items using our online system all in the comfort of your home 

2.) Drop your tagged items off to us at the event which takes place over 3 days each Fall and Spring

3.) Once the event concludes, we send you a check for 55% - 60% of your proceeds. You can earn additonal percentages with friends/family passes and you can also join an event to work for additional $$ too

Karen C. - Started Consigning Spring 2017:  I got rid of all my baby gear, clothing and toys that we no longer needed. I tagged it in 1 day, loaded the car and dropped it off. I got a check for $846. My husband was thrilled it was gone and the check was awesome.

Lisa R. - Started Consigning in Fall 2009: This has been the best way I've found to get rid of my kids stuff. I have consigned now for over 12 years and every year we use the money I earn to go on vacation. I love everything about it.

Debbie V - Started Consigning Fall 2021:  My friend told me about it and I shopped for about a year and got amazing deals. I decided to take the plunge and sell stuff myself. The other consignors were really helpful and I quickly learned how to make the most money.  My checks are usually around $500. Last year we earned an amazing $3200 and used it for a family cruise. The other moms I've met are great and it's really been a fun experience.  

I get it and so do the over 750 other moms that join us each event season to sell their kids stuff, de-clutter the house and earn on average $400-$500 in just 3 days.

Our events attract thousands of moms, dads, grandparents and caregivers looking to purchase quality items for the kids from our consigning moms.

No Worries....We can help you sell it all at once and earn more money in less time on your own time. You do it when it fits YOUR schedule

Here's what our consigning moms have to say:

Here's How It Works:








Today, there are lots of ways to sell your kids items, but some of them are downright frustrating. Buy/Sell meet-ups,

posting online, managing who is interested in what/where. Busy

moms need an easier way.